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Western Maine Board of Federation Softball Umpires

Middle School Rules

Southern Maine Middle School Athletic Conference
2016 Softball League By-laws

1. Game times are 3:30 p.m. unless schools mutually agree upon another time.
2. Federation Rules are used. (Amendments: if a team is ahead by 15 or more runs at the end of 4 ½ or 5 innings the game will end unless by mutual agreement the game may continue.  No new inning may start after 2 hours from actual starting time of the game.)
3. League Rules
a. Nine (9) players in the field – you may use the EH or DH or both.
b. Fast pitch rules are used.
c. 6th graders cannot play on the 8th grade team.
d. Metal spikes may be used.
e. Nine Batter Rule: if at any point during a game, when a team is ahead by 10 runs the 9-­batter rule will be used. The team that is ahead by 10 runs may only bat 9 batters per inning or three outs, whichever comes first, so long as the ten run lead has been maintained.
f. If a coach chooses, he/she may elect to use an extra hitter in their batting line up or use a continuous batting order.  Teams MAY NOT bat out of order.  Batting order changes must still be reported to the home plate umpire.  Coaches still have the option of using nine batters in their line up.
g. Defensively, teams may choose to freely substitute players in and out from the bench to the field.  In this situation changes WOULDN'T be reported to the home plate umpire and the reentry rule would not be followed.
4. Helmets must be worn on the bases, at bat and coach’s boxes.
5. Two new balls must be used to start each game.
6. Home team has the field from 3:05 p.m. to 3:15 p.m. and the visiting teams from 3:15 p.m. to 3:35 p.m. for infield practice.
7. Home team is responsible for notifying the umpires and assignor of postponed games. The home team is also responsible for notifying all parties of the new date.
        a. Assignor: Richard Goan:854-8109, 
8. Certified board umpires will be used.
9. Pitching distance shall be 40 feet.
10. Any team personnel ejected from a game must not participate in the next league game.
Schools in the SMMSAC:

Cumberland Division-8th Gr.
York Division-8th Gr
7th Grade
1. Bonny Eagle
1. Biddeford    
1. Acton
2. Gorham
2. Kennebunk
2. Biddeford
3. King
3. Mashwood   
3. Bonny Eagle
4. Lincoln
4. Massabesic  
4. Gorham
5. Moore
5. Noble
5. Kennebunk
6. Scarborough
6. Saco
6. Massabesic
7. Southern Maine Catholic
7. Sanford
7. Noble
8. South Portland
8. Wells
8. Saco
9. Windham     
9. York
9. Sanford
10. Westbrook
10. Scarborough
11. South Portland
12. St. James
13. Thornton Academy
14. Westbrook
15. Marshwood

2015 CCC Guidelines

1. The philosophy for the CCC baseball/softball league is to provide opportunity for everybody play with winning not being the priority.  Therefore, there is no league champion established.
2. Weekday games will begin at 3:30 PM unless a change is made in advance.  Officials and assignors must be called with changes.
3. There are NO metal cleats allowed in CCC games.
4. The MPA pitching rule for baseball is in effect for all teams.  Violations of this rule will result in the forfeiture of the game for the use of an ineligible player.
5. Federation rules will apply with the exception of the Nine Batter Rule.
6. Ejection rule for players and coaches-If a student or coach is ejected or disqualified from a game for unsportsmanlike behavior of any form it will result in the suspension of that student or coach from that game and the next regularly scheduled game.
7. Softball bats must have the ASA stamp on them.
8. Baseball bats must have the BBCOR stamp on them.  The barrel cannot exceed
2 5/8” and there must be a -3 length to ounce ratio.  
9. One piece catcher’s mask must be worn by all catchers and those warming up pitchers (coaches included).  This is true for both baseball and softball.
10. Face masks are required on all softball batter’s helmets.  Face masks attached to batter’s helmets must match in order for the NOCSAE approval to be enforced.
11. Batters must wear helmets during any pre-game batting practice.  An L-Screen  will be utilized for pre-game batting practice.
12. For safety purposes, during pre-game infield, the opposing team will vacate the playing field so that the team taking infield may have full use of the playing field.
13. The ten run rule/twelve run rule will be in effect after five innings.
14. All base coaches are required to wear an approved helmet.  Catchers’ skull caps are not allowed.
15. No new innings may begin after 2 ½ hours and games may end in ties.
16. The pitching distance for MS softball will be moved to 43' in order to stay consistent with the high school pitching distance change.

Nine Batter Rule:  To insure participation and fair competition at the middle school level, there will be a nine batter rule.  If the point spread between the two teams reaches 10 runs, the teams will continue to play using the nine batter rule.  If at any point a team’s lead reaches ten runs, the team that is ahead may only bat nine batters per inning so long as the ten run lead is maintained.

Points of Clarification:
a. The nine batter rule will begin after a team is behind by 10 runs.
b. The team that is ahead will continue with the nine batter rule or three outs, whichever comes first.

Further clarification from Don Kin, AD @ Poland, CCC liason for softball in an email dated 4/4/11:
The 9 batter rule is in effect at any time. That can be the first or fifth inning. To accommodate the officials, the 10 or twelve run rules (baseball and softball respectively), are left to be in effect after 5 innings.

There is the following time issue as well:
No new innings may begin after 2 ½ hours and games may end in ties.

Schools in the Triple C:

Cape Elizabeth
Frank Harrison (Yarmouth)
Gray-New Glousceter
Lake Region
Loranger (Old Orchard)
Molly Ockett (Fryeburg)
Bruce Whittier (Poland)
Sacopee Valley

Last Modified: Apr 26, 2016
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